Resurfaced Old SJ4000 Manual

It has been brought to our attention that an old SJ4000 manual that has long been deleted was re-uploaded by a previous technical support agent into our support site some time ago that went unnoticed. It contained wordings from another manual that was written and published online some years ago.
We took it down the moment we found out that it has resurfaced. We apologize for the confusion, and to the original owner of the work.

Our newest-generation downloadable PDF manuals have been made precisely to answer a lot of the questions that users have, and also serve as a quick-yet-detailed guide for our camera models’ usage. They have been completely written from the ground up without copying anyone’s work, including all words, designs, layout, and graphics used (except for the phone-in-hand image in the end pages, and where indicated). Even all the icons have been redrawn for higher definition.
The new manuals are periodically updated after several firmware changes showing the most recent stable firmware version.

You may view SJCAM’s new manuals in PDF form through HERE.

It is only but proper to cite the owner of the previously-mentioned resurfaced old manual, Pevly, whose work on the SJ4000 manual is noteworthy and informative.