SJCAM M10+ Plus 2K Gyro Updated Firmware: September 8, 2015

Hello SJCAM M10+ 2K Fans and Resellers, just received the latest version of the SJCAM M10+ 2K action camera firmware. This latest SJCAM M10+ Plus Firmware adds “Rotation” function and “Burst“ mode to the M10+ 2k.   M10+ Plus 2K Firmware Download Link: sjcam-m10-plus-2k_updated-firmware-Sept-8   The SJCAM M10 plus improves on the M10 and M10 WiFi by upgrading to a Novatek NTK96660 chipset and adding Gyro Anti-shake stabilization function. Other added M10+ 2K features include 2K Video Record @ 30fps / 1080p @30fps, Rotation function and the M10+ supports several additional languages.   Check out the M10+ 2K now   Here are other M10 Series Firmware downloads:   SJCAM M10WiFi Download Link: SJCAM M10WiFi Firmware Download Link   (Released August 11, 2015)   SJCAM M10 Download Link: SJCAM M10 Updated Firmware Link    (Released August 11, 2015)   You can check out SJCAM SJ4000 and SJ5000 series camera firmware releases and changelogs on our firmware page here: SJCAM Firmware   If you have any issues or questions regarding firmware upgrades, please email us directly at   Thanks,– Team