Those Crazy Camera Angles!

It’s astonishing how people can get creative with their SJCAM action cameras.

We have seen a lot of videos showing the simplest tasks looking absolutely amazing by having the camera positioned someplace not commonly thought of.

The “Wow” factor is just through the roof!

Yes, we know. Isn’t that just… jaw-dropping?

(Please, please don’t do this at home)

What’s more, since you can control the cameras remotely using your smartphone or the dedicated SJ REMOTE, all that’s needed to be done is place the camera, compose your shot, and shoot whenever ready. This is made even simpler with the new SJ6 LEGEND. Its front display shows you important details, it shows how much time you have left on your memory card, and what setting the camera is in, taking away a lot of the guesswork after you’ve already positioned your camera. What a truly exciting time to be in!

Some of you might remember that a decade ago, there used to be a trend using disposable cameras attached to kites (a.k.a.: “KAP” or Kite Aerial Photography), with some sort of contraption to stabilize the camera and remotely trigger the shutter for really breathtaking aerial shots. Nowadays, drones are a mainstay in aerial photography, whether low altitude, or high. SJCAM cameras are right there, taking every single bit of wonderful scenery, with footage worthy of being shown to the world. All without breaking the bank.

Some of those camera angles add depth to the mood of the shot, and tell more of the story just by having the angles put there in a weird, surreal kind of way.

We know there are plenty more of these awe-inspiring videos and photos out there, and we’re certain there are lots more that people can come up with that are still unexplored. If you care to share with us your crazy angle footages and snapshots, we’d be delighted to post them on our website and social media.

Who knows? Maybe this could be made into a contest here if we get enough people interested.

Oh, and, this is how that mouth-shot above was done:


(Okay, now you can do it at home)

Big thanks to Jess Gomez of SJUP, for his teeth. I mean, his 2 dental photos shown in this article.

Got a photo to share? Send it to with the subject line “CrazyCamAngles” and let’s see who gets to be on our pages next.