Valentine’s Contest Recap

The SJCAM Valentines Contest became an opportunity for some to express their loved ones how much they love them.
The best ones have shown their affection for the people they truly care for by capturing the actual moment and posting it on the Facebook post’s thread. Some of them have heart-melting words that we just can’t resist giving additional gifts to.
We are thankful for everyone who joined and we must say that every single one of them inspired us.
February is unquestionably the month of love, here are some of those in there.

The one video you see here (the only one submitted), is by user Iam Vinzoi. It immediately caught our attention.
His entry most deservedly got our Top Prize of 1 SJ6 Legend + SJ Selfie Stick.

One photo submission looked like it was lifted off of a Korean-telenovela scene. A captivating moment, captured by user Aldin Bati, with an SJ5000X Elite, and became our 2nd winner.

“You can express everyday how much you love your special someone, but on Valentines day you are reminded how lucky that you experience to be loved and to love a special person in your heart. That is why I love Valentines day.”

Here’s the 3rd winner, from user Josue Romero:

Beautiful caption, in Spanish: “Es un día en el que cierras tus ojos ante la vida, sospechas no ser eterno, así que entregas tu cuerpo, cómo por igual tus lamentos al universo, y corres cómo bala endiablada sin rumbos ni destinos, a oscuras, esperando caer. Pero nunca lo haces, tus pies se elevan de repente al sentir cómo un Ser te toma de la mano, y entre ese momento donde puedes sentir cómo la vida se estremece y el resto de tus días, empiezas a creer, que si es posible finalmente ser, eterno. Entonces caer ya no tiene el mismo significado, caemos tan deprisa que la altitud no es de realidades, sino de sueños errantes, sus palabras tan frágiles sin razón alguna te envuelven la vida, algo te lleva a recostarte plenamente en su alma desarmada, y mientras su corazón late, vuelves a nacer. Un día donde somos totalmente humanos hasta el amanecer.

There is this one particular text-only submission that got us looking into it.


Translated from Filipino:
“Why do I Love Valentine’s?
Because this is the day I met the person who is to complete my life, the person who has become my ‘EVERYDAY,’ the person who I have waited for all my life for that sweet ‘YES.’ February 14 is getting near! So our 4th year of being together!”

So, we figured he deserves a special mention to help them celebrate.
But  wait… There’s a heart-wrenching twist to their story.

Just before Valentine’s Day arrived, they had to part ways.

As we were looking for the winners, we got to talk to this text’s owner.
And learned about the story. It made our eyes well up.
To keep this story short, and to keep the bigger bulk of the story private:
They both couldn’t bear the idea of starting a long-distance relationship after an almost-4-year-long togetherness.

This is the Valentine’s month, and it’s these stories that we can’t have enough of.
It’s been an awe-inspiring contest and we can’t wait to see how next year’s will look like.
Until then, keep capturing those wonderful stories.

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