GPS Antenna Cable for SJDASH+

GPS Antenna Cable for SJDASH+

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 Receiver type: GPS L1 C/A SBAS L1 C/A QZSS L1 C/A BeiDou B1
Sensitivity: -162 dBm
Time-To-First-Fix: Cold Start 30 s
Warm Start 28 s
Hot Start 1 s
Horizontal Position Accuracy: Autonomous 2.5 m
Accuracy of Time Pulse Signal: RMS 25 ns
Velocity Accuracy:  0.1 m/s
Frequency of Time Pulse Signal:  0.25 Hz .... 10 MHz
Baud Rate: 9,600 bps
Max Navigation Update Rate: 5 Hz
Operational Limits: Dynamic ≤ 4 g
Altitude 18000 m
Velocity 515 m/s



  • Up to 66 acquisition and 22 simultaneously tracking channel, ultra-high sensitive GPS receiving. —–Add real-time GPS coordinates and speed data to your SJCAM Dash Cam footage.
  • Faster GPS signals capture, lower power consumption, stronger anti-jamming performance and wider working voltage range. —–More detailed information for greater protection in the event of any driving disputes or incidents—and total peace of mind whenever you’re driving.
  • Using stamps package, adapt to wet high temperature, electromagnetic interference, harsh working environment. —–Use compatible software to view your journeys and conveniently back-up coverage of interesting routes or unexpected incidents.
  • Automotive navigation, Personal positioning, Fleet management, Marine navigation. —–More evidence to protect you against false insurance claims and rising insurance fraud, and to support any insurance claims you have to make.
  • Use the 3M adhesive pad on the back of your GPS antenna to fasten it to your car’s windshield in seconds. —–Plug the antenna into the your SJDASH+ camera and USB cable into your car charger. The GPS coordinates and vehicle speed will be automatically embedded in the footage.


Double PIR | Super Night Vision | Body Rainproof IP65


Low power consumption
long battery life

Super night version

Body rainproof

1296 HD resolution

2.33" HD screen

24M HD

Support remote control

38pcs infrared lights,
super thermal sensing.

Thermal sensing distance 12M. I 38pcs infrared lights, super night version. I Details can captured clearly even at night.

24MP high-definition

Could take photos with higher pixels and clearer

Good concealment

Choose your favourite camouflage