SJCAM Camera Remote Controller Watch


  • Five control buttons: Off / Wi-Fi / Video Recording / Photo / Photo Burst
  • Strap Material: TPU
  • Size: 35 x 35 x 9.6 mm
  • Compatible with:
  • SJ6 Legend, SJ6 Pro, SJ8 Air, SJ8 Dual Screen, SJ8 Pro, SJ10X, SJ10 Pro, SJ10 Pro Dual Screen, SJ11 Active, SJ20 Dual Lens, C200, C200 Pro, C300, C300 Pocket, A10, A20, A50
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SJCAM Camera Remote Controller Watch
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To use an SJCAM camera remote watch, follow these general steps:

Compatibility Check: 

Ensure your SJCAM camera model is compatible with the remote watch. Not all SJCAM models are compatible with remote watches, so consult your camera's manual or specifications to verify compatibility.

Pairing the Remote Watch with the Camera:

Turn on both the SJCAM camera and the remote watch.

Navigate to the camera's settings menu and look for options related to remote control or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Enable Wi-Fi on the camera and search for the remote watch's signal in the available Wi-Fi networks.

Connect the remote watch to the camera's Wi-Fi network. The specific process might involve entering a password or following on-screen instructions.

Control Functions:

Once connected, the remote watch should offer options to control the camera functions remotely.

You might have access to functions like taking photos, recording videos, adjusting settings, and accessing playback options directly from the watch.

Refer to the Manual: It's crucial to refer to the user manual or guide that came with your SJCAM camera and the remote watch. The manual will provide detailed instructions on pairing the devices and the functions available via the remote watch.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues during the setup or usage, consult the troubleshooting section in the user manual or visit the SJCAM official website for support and FAQs.

Remember, the specific steps can vary depending on the model of the SJCAM camera and the remote watch you own. Always refer to the official documentation for accurate instructions tailored to your devices.

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A device suitable for moments of leisure.

Horst Burhenne

Alles gute Ausführung in dem Produkt. Sieht sehr solide aus

Michel Rondeau
I wish I could review it

Hi. I still have not receive it so it is difficult for me to give you a review!!!

Please send us an email:

Seppo Suhonen

Remote Controller Watch



Fast shipping, good quality, great service, as described. Record video smoothly, fully functional, in line with what is needed. Free accessories are also very rich. This price is worth every penny, worth buying.


$ 5.00

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