SJCAM SJ20 Dual Lens Action Camera


  • · Dedicated lenses for day and night with 4K resolution
  • · Best night vision – f/1.3 super large aperture
  • · 2.29″ primary touch screen with 1.3″ front screen
  • · 6-axis gyroscope stabilization
  • · 16ft waterproof with protective frame
  • · Livestream
  • Standard: 1850mAh, up to 2.5hrs 4K video recording
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SJCAM SJ20 Dual Lens Action Camera
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SJ20 Dual Lens

Conquer the Day, Rule the Night

Dual Screens

Dive Deeper

Stabilization OFF

Stabilization ON

8x Digital Zoom

Slow Video

Compare Night Vision


4K 30fps
2K 60/30fps
1080P 120/60/30fps
720 120/60/30fps

Photo Resolution

20MP. 16MP, 14MP, 12MP, 10MP, 8MP

Video Mode

Motion detection

Normal mode
Slow video
Car mode



Photo Mode

Single shooting
Interval shooting
Continuous shooting


Six-axis gyro stabilization

Digital Zoom




Exposure Compensation

+2.0 ~ -2.0

White Balance






Underwater mode

Video Format


Video Encoding

H.264, H.265

Photo Format







800mAh(built-in battery)

1050mAh(external external battery)

Battery Life

60~180 mins (4K/30fps video recording)


2.96Wh(built-in battery)

3.89Wh(external external battery)


70.5 x 55 x 30 mm



Integrated Microphone


External Microphone

Sold separately

Integrated Speaker



16ft with protective frame

131ft with waterproof case

App Control





Type-C x 1


Sold separately

Rear Screen

2.29" Touch control

Front Screen



Micro SD (up to 128GB)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jamie Hamilton
For the average user, this action camera works great

For the average user, this action camera works great and captures just as well as some of the more expensive action cameras. The 2 lens system is really nice if you do a variety of video shooting, and the 1.3 lens does really well in dim light. There are displays on the front and back which is pretty typical for modern action cameras.

Comes with a lot of accessories including a waterproof case and it works with any GoPro type mounts you might have already. Overall image quality is better than I expected with image stabilization being decent. I was expecting it to be a lot lower quality than the GoPro unit I have but really it's just as good and better in some conditions like low light. This isn't a cheap generic action sports camera, it's actually usable and I've been pretty impressed by it overall.

Elias Fernandez
Excelente en modo nocturno

En condiciones de poca luz es de lo mejor en su gama. Tengo una gopro12 y compré esta cámara para foto nocturna, a pesar de las limitaciones del tamaño del sensor en este tipo de cámaras, se pueden hacer unas fotos muy decentes. En el resto de aspectos es aceptable en relación calidad/precio. En contra tengo q decir es la gestion de la carga por la tapa lateral. No es nada práctica, suelo conectarla a un powerbank para capturar fotos toda la noche y en este modelo no puedo, ya q necesita la carcasa para poner el enganche al tripode y tiene que tener la puerta cerrada obligatoriamente. Deberían mejorar este aspecto. Como nota final 10/10. Es una excelente cámara

The SJ20 exceeded all my expectations

First and foremost, the dual lens setup is a true marvel. It captures every moment from two different perspectives simultaneously, providing a whole new level of immersion in my footage. Whether I was skiing down the slopes or diving into the crystal-clear waters, the SJ20 captured the action from multiple angles, making my videos come alive like never before.

The image and video quality of the SJ20 are simply outstanding. With its high-resolution capabilities, the camera delivered sharp and vibrant visuals that truly showcased the beauty of my adventures. The colors were vivid, the details were crisp, and the contrast was on point. I was blown away by the stunning clarity and realism it brought to my footage.

One of the standout features of the SJ20 is its exceptional low-light performance. Even in challenging lighting conditions, such as during sunset hikes or evening cityscapes, the camera delivered impressive results. The images remained clear, with minimal noise and excellent exposure, allowing me to capture the magic of those moments effortlessly.

The SJ20 is also incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate menu made it a breeze to operate. I appreciated the straightforward controls and the quick access to various settings. Plus, the camera's compact size and lightweight design made it convenient to carry around during my adventures.

Durability is key when it comes to action cameras, and the SJ20 did not disappoint. With its robust build quality and waterproof casing, it stood up to all the challenges I threw at it. Whether I was biking through rough terrains or taking a dip in the ocean, the camera remained secure and protected, allowing me to focus on my activities without worrying about damage.

Glad you like it!

Dan Kolmer
SJ 20 review Dan Kolmer

SJ 20 review Dan Kolmer
Why did I buy this camera
Having a GoPro 8, an Insta 360x3 and a FIMI Palm 2 Pro camera, my main motivation was the low light capacity of the SJ 20. Almost all the cameras mentioned above can be tweaked to more or less do low light video, but this is often problematic, not so comfortable and difficult to adapt to changing conditions.
Form factor, handling
Generally good, whether with clipped-on battery or without. The smaller size (without the clipped-on battery can be an advantage.
However, the necessity to remove and put back the external battery to be able to charge both with the cable is annoying.
I miss the possibilty to attach a lanyard to the camera (only possible on the grip), I am a lanyard kind of guy, I guess…
The frames compensate this a bit, but I consider it akward to first put a frame on the camera, then screw on the GoPro-type stuff to finally be able to attach a lanyard – too much work…
I was aware that this camera is partially built on internal batteries, as opposed to all my cameras listed on top, with the exception of the FIMI. I suppose I can can buy a new 1050 mAh external battery if both the built in 800 mAh and the included 1050 mAH die. I suppose this also applies to the grip.
The phone app
I experienced connecting to it as somewhat awkward, and anyway have had little use for it until now. I suppose it can serve as a remote…I do not use it for saving my pictures/vids, I copy those off the card on the PC.

The modes
Works well, does what it is supposed to do…
Video Lapse
Did some beautiful time lapse vids with it, works well…

Slow Rec
Works well.
Works well.
Photo Lapse
Works well.
Burst mode
Works well.
Works well, I like this one
Car mode
I tested this one, works well, but I could see no difference to the normal Video mode.
Live broadcast
Have no use for that one, so did not test it

The manual
Is sufficient in general, but could use a description of the modes, even though the descriptions are given in each mode on the camera. Some people, like me, do read the manual first…

Thank you so much! Your feedback is very supportive! We will continuously make optimization for the camera, and updates will be posted on our social media.

Jose E De La Fuente T
Cool night camera.

Nice pix (although I wish it didn't have the 'fish eye wide' view.

THX! Your advice is well noted! Our product team is making further optimization.


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